Monday, February 1, 2010

Not a whole lot to say today actually. Yeah, I know, anyone who knows me knows this is unusual. But, hey, even talkative people have slow days. Let's look at the outfit and the wonderful scenery.

Photographed on location at Rucott by Ryanne Kenyon, Ryanne Kenyon model.

The Ensemble:

Little Taller 1 (Ryane Kenyon Creation)

Unedama Holic: UH-RE-G-03 eyes (have no idea why, but I cannot find the lm for them)

W.I.S.H.: Liberty Heels Shiny Colorchanger 108 (store was closing, not sure if still open)

Dutch Touch Sjors in Cream Basic CL1 FR

Truth Lara in Gingers-Auburn

Dark Mouse Big 80's Plaid Bangles & Earrings

VUI High Waist Pants in black

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I have been in a blah mood last night and today. I'm afraid that I was a major moron and spoke without thinking, as I am known to do. I think I hurt a friend's feelings and I really hope my idiocy didn't ruin what I think could be a great friendship. Anyway, I felt horrible and have been melancholy since then. Then today, I spoke with another friend and have begun to cheer up some. It's nice to have friends in world. I hope my tendency to really step in it doesn't run them all off. Anyway, I hope you like this look. The sim is absolutely stunning, but watch out. Some of the people I ran into were less than friendly. Not sure if they were locals or exploring, but I almost had to kick some ass. :-)

Photographed on location in Japan Shubu by Ryanne Kenyon, Ryanne Kenyon model.

The Ensemble:

Curvy Silhouettes Emile Petite Shape (I have recently begun making my own shapes, but I saw this one talked about and thought I'd go check it out. If I remember correctly it was 10L. OMG, I have already been complemented on my nice round ass! LOL It is a very nice shape and for the price, was a must for me.)

La Sylphide Natural Prim Lashes

Tres Blah Girly Chic Light Skin in Nude

Dark Mouse Edita in Pale Brown (DM is my latest obsession. I went on a spree and bought a few items. *grins* Oh, fine, more than a few. The quality is amazing. The details stunning. LOVE!)

BareRose Tokyo Drive (I am consistently impressed with the offerings from BareRose. You get so many good quality pieces for very affordable prices. Check them out if you haven't.)

Vignette Betty Dots (Again, everything here is free, great quality and cute as can be.)

Shine Silent Lucidity Gasoline

Friday, January 29, 2010

I read about a website called Picnik on another blog and thought I might check it out. I don't really know much about computer software or how to make snazzy photographs, so the description of this site sounded right up my alley. And it is. I can understand it! Look what I did. To computer techies, I know this isn't a big deal. But, to me, who is very much the computer illiterate, I'm psyched.

Photographed on location at Permafrost Ski Resort by Ryanne Kenyon, Ryanne Kenyon model.

The Ensemble:

Hourglass Shape (Ryanne Kenyon Creation)

Poetic Colors Grey Sea

!STC Cheyenne Leather Boot in Ash

Belleza Alyson Med 15 HB

RuRi Teardrop Gold

Happy Finds Brain Necklace (could not find slurl info for this store)

humming Dotline Tights in Brown

WhoNose Sanne Jeans Mini Skirt

Truth Nicky-Gingers Pack-Auburn

Spork Judy Sweater in Chocolate

Primalot Ring (dollarbie)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I have fallen in love. I am head-head-over-heels, rose-colored-glasses, stupid in love.....with my new cabin! I adore it. It is me. I feel at home for the first time in sl. Not only the cabin, but the location, the weather, everything about it. And, it is now tres chic to boot as I went hog wild at the PopArt 1L furniture sale. That was the most fantastic sale I have been to yet. I did adore the Aoharu sale, but come on a single linden for wonderful, scripted furniture. Hog Heaven! Now, this pic was done prior to my furniture buying spree, so none of the furniture in the pic is PopArt. The chair and the light are Rocket Creations. If you haven't hauled yourself to PopArt, I highly suggest you do so. You will not be disappointed. If anything you will be poor but nicely decorated like moi.

Photographed on location inside my cabin by Ryanne Kenyon, Ryanne Kenyon model.

The Ensemble:

Shape I made for Gwen Skin (Ryanne Kenyon Creation)

Decoy Dana 76 Jeans in Dark

Dutch Touch Gwen Caramel Basic CL1 EBD

Truth Bailey in Espresso (so far, I have loved, loved, loved every hair I have purchased at Truth. I get giddy when the new hair message comes in. Want every item in the store. LOVE)

Aoharu BT Knit Hood Coat in Light Green

Bax Coen Designs Prestige Boots in Brown Leather

Dark Mouse Abalone Dreams Set in Copper (beyond lovely, intricate, eye for detail, beautiful...will be a return and return....and on and on customer)

Poetic Colors Hansel in Bright

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Maybe I am eyeing those doughnuts...what's it to ya? LOL When I put on this dress, I felt very retro, very vintage. I love the look of this outfit. Very ladylike, but sex appeal out the wazoo too. Just my style. I thought the setting of a 50's diner was way appropriate. Now, an ultra hot T-Bird and some tunes and I'd be all set.

Photographed on location at Silver King Grill by Ryanne Kenyon, Ryanne Kenyon model.

The Ensemble:

In Her Shoes Black Stilettos (Ok, brief note...if you haven't been to Vignette, you are seriously missing out. The wonderful designer here, Rachel Boram, is beyond generous with every item she has out totally, 100%, completely free. And the quality is fantastic. Seriously, run down there. You won't be sorry. And thanks for all you do Rachel!)

Baby Pink Flower Ring (sorry guys could not find the info on this piece)

Junwave Hiyori Type A in Brown

Sin Skins Intense Caramel/Jade Eyes

Belleza Jesse Sunkiss 0 HB (I am really finding myself drawn to Belleza skins lately. The detail is amazing and I like the soft, yet alluring faces. JMO, but I'm a fan!)

Heartsick PK Serenity Pure Morning Fatpack-Purity Shape (I truly love this shape. The proportions are fantastic. I love a curvy, sensuous shape. Just, fyi...shape is short, uh I mean petite.)

Butt-Err Hoda Hoops in Black

Primalot Antique Silver Treasure Bracelet

Ivalde Cherie Purple Set and Free Stockings

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I have a serious question for you...when did butt cleavage become sexy? I'm not talking in the privacy of your own home. I know asses have always been sexy there. But, I'm not a big fan of everyone walking around with their ass cracks on display. How is showing absolutely everything you have alluring? What happened to titillation? The sensual nature of thinking you see something when you don't? The desire so strong for another person that you simply have to know what they look like naked. How can anyone have that for another when everything is already on display? There is something to be said for the tease, the chase, the conquering, knowing you've seen something not everyone else has. Maybe it's just me. It's not that I don't own clothing like this. It's very difficult in second life not to. But, I prefer to wear clothing that draws you in and makes you wonder.

Photographed on location at The Station by Ryanne Kenyon, Ryanne Kenyon model.

The Ensemble:

Ducknipple Tumtum Socks in Red (Tarot Hunt Gift)

Junwave Hiyor Type A in Brown (Let me just say how much I am loving my Junwave hairs. They have the same type of prim sizer that a lot of shoes do. You click on the hair and make it fit your head. So easy, so brilliant. I don't know why every hair designer doesn't do this. It is beyond awesome and I will be a regular customer of this wonderful hair store. Check them out!)

Skull & Bones Stronghold BC322 Work Boots Dr. Murders (okay, must gush...these are one of the best purchases I have made on sl. For a little over 400L you get 11 color options. And they have a resizer, so you can make them fit your feet, thus unisex. I am in total love with these boots.)

Curious Kitties Curious Kitties Bracelets

Sin Skins Intense Caramel/Jade Eyes

Heartsick PK Serenity Pure Morning Fatpack-Purity Shape (believe this pack was a grand opening gift)

Wrong Black Bondage Mini and Work Shirt in Skull (I adore Wrong. They have wonderful items and affordable prices and when I'm looking to edge up my outfit without going over-the-top, I always reach for my Wrong item. Love!)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

You know something that is really cool about second life? You can travel while at home. I know it's not the same thing. But, for someone like me who has never traveled extensively, it's an interesting way to get a glimpse of somewhere else. In this picture, I am on an observation deck of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Isn't it lovely with the sun setting in the distance? I can practically feel the breeze.

The Ensemble:

New Shape for Gwen (Ryanne Kenyon Creation)

Stiletto Moody Bare Ginger in Silver

Junwave Sweet Lady in Brown

ByKay Elouise Earrings

Belleza Alyson Group Gift in Medium (yep, another blogger talking about Alyson...but you should see this face!!)

Ingenue Japonica in Lipstick

Poetic Colors Grey Sea

Sigma Jewels Amie Bracelets in Grey

*and yes, btw, I am a dumb ass, I hit post on an empty posting first :-p